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Jake Hardley, “You have to train so hard that you hate it. You know it’s hard training 3 times a day, 6 times a week. My biggest motivation was coming to the gym every single day and making me push hard. This is what I was born to do.”

Jake Hadley captured the promotion’s title in just his fourth career fight.

Name: Jake Hadley

Nickname: White Kong

Age: 22 Years

Born: Birmingham, England

Height: 5’7”

Reach: 68.0”

Weight Class: Flyweight

Stance: Southpaw

Pro MMA Record: 5-0-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)

Current Streak: 7 Wins

UK/Ireland Pro Flyweights Rank: 5 (out of 88)

Worldwide Rank: 64

Affiliation: Fearless MMA

Trainer: Kaish Banger

Strengths: Young & Tenacious, High level Striking, Good submission finisher.

How I refined my skills on the local sub-standard circuit before turning pro:

“The amateur scene in the UK is big to be honest, especially at that time when I was an amateur. The flyweight division had a lot of big names. I fought all the best guys in my weight class in the UK and Ireland and won four amateur titles, but I was really struggling to get fights. I had a lot of pull-outs, so I decided to go pro. My amateur career definitely helped me get where I am today as competing as an amateur is a learning process and I learned a lot from my fights at the amateur level.”

The toughest fight in my mixed martial arts career:

“The fight with Zulu was my hardest to date and the first time I’ve gone outside of the first round at the pro level, having done 5x5s for the belt. I feel I dominated him, easily winning four of the five rounds. I arguably took all five and the first two rounds were arguably 10-8. I feel after watching the fightback that he is definitely a true fighter, and is very tough with a big heart and will never quit. I feel that I’m just levels above him.”

My ultimate goal in the sport of MMA:

“My goal is to be the greatest flyweight of all time and to become the UFC world champ. In my spare time, all I do is watch fighting on TB and study to get better as an MMA fighter.”

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