Introducing the All-New Kryjer Tracksuits

Introducing the All-New Kryjer Tracksuits

We have redefined tracksuits for y’all!!

We continuously think about new ideas on how to make you feel comfortable and protected through Kryjer activewear. The past year, we’ve gone the extra mile to get the softest and longest-lasting fabrics for you to ensure everyone gets the right fit, and to make sure that you’re relaxed all day— during or after your workout.

Made for Workouts. and life.

We’re going to give you reasons to love us more, with the new Kryjer Tracksuits for everyday use. Our athletic fit tracksuits have led the way to entirely new activewear, which not only makes you look good and be most comfortable in it-- it’s also functional.

Tracksuits are continuously growing in popularity, be it for sports or for choosing comfort wear for a routine life. Tracksuits have proved to increase efficiency among sportspersons because of the range of motion they provide. Additionally, comfort, flexibility, and style make people want to wear them as their casual wear regardless of their work.

Here are some of the benefits of tracksuits:

1. Improves flexibility

The value of flexibility in workouts cannot be neglected. Working out in free range motion can give your body many compelling benefits, which you may not be able to gain in clothes that limit your movements. Clothes that are not meant for flexibility movements prevent you from getting into the necessary postures & positions and leading to injuries.

Thus, including tracksuits in your sports gear is always a good idea.

2. Assures your safety from environmental hazards

Different types of tracksuits serve different purposes. Some tracksuits make it easy for your body to maintain its temperature by keeping your body cool during strenuous workouts, and keeping it warm when the weather is cold outside. Others are exclusively made to wick away the moisture, and keep you dry all the times during or after your workout.

3. Helps burn more calories

The above point revealed that some tracksuits have a moisture-wicking property, and maintain your body temperature. When you workout, your body releases more heat, making it difficult to perform some extra hours in the gym. But nowadays, tracksuits are designed with unique materials that can help you achieve more by soaking up the excess water your body releases in the form of sweat. This enables you to work out some extra hours.

So, according to your preferences, you can choose what material your tracksuits are made of, and how they can meet your workout requirements.

Rise of athletic activewear

Formerly, activewear was limited to heavy cotton shirts, bulky sweatpants, and shorts. But now, you no longer have to be uncomfortable while carrying your daily chores, including your workouts. This new era of activewear makes use of new fabric technology to keep your body -

  • Cooler during or after workouts,
  • Soak up your sweat,
  • Improve your performance,
  • Minimise delayed onset muscle twinge,
  • Allows your muscles to recover faster, 
  • Makes you look good while working out.

The Signature Tracksuit is designed in a way that its breathable, soft, and super stretchy fabric enables an athlete to stay comfortable in whatever task they’re doing. Not only this, the material contains moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry at all times.

The 4-way stretch ensures unrestrained movement at all times of the day and during all types of workouts. The new Signature Tracksuit collection has exceptional fabric quality that locks up the body heat to keep your body warm when you are outdoors.

Our tracksuits come with a moisture management technology that ensures perfect body heat and sweat during pressure conditions, making it an ideal fit for training. Additionally, the combination of Organic Cotton and Elastane gives the tracksuit a soft feel on the skin.

Our improved athletic-fit tracksuits can suit all of your workout purposes, like improving the blood flow, keeping muscles intact, and improving your overall workout flow. In addition to these, one more important feature of our Signature Tracksuits is the ability to stay cooler while wearing them. While working out, our bodies sweat and release a lot of heat. But our tracksuits help to mop up the moisture and keep your body cool and dry by keeping your body temperature down. As a result, you will be able to train harder and longer than you usually perform.

Athletic fit over regular fit

You must choose your activewear clothing wisely because your performance also depends upon the right kind of activewear you put on. The technology used in designing today’s activewear is such that it helps to influence your muscle movement during a specific type of exercise. Activewear holds your muscles during workouts by keeping them in place, reducing the chances of injury compared to the regular fit clothing.

Other features of activewear over regular fit clothing is that they help in blood circulation. Our Signature Tracksuits will help keep your blood flow consistent, but this is not the case with regular fit clothing because there are high chances of muscle fatigue & cramping.

Why choose Tracksuits?

The ubiquity of tracksuits has allowed the users to move and spin in any form due to the flexibility, and wear them all day due to its comfort. From celebrities & sports personalities to ordinary people, tracksuits are a worthwhile investment for every wardrobe. Most of the tracksuits consist of a zippered/non-zippered jacket and contrasting comfortable pants made of various materials like Cotton, Nylon, Flex, Calico, Microfiber, Spandex, Gore-Tex, Polyester, etc. depending upon the use.

The breathable fabric of tracksuits is suited for every group of people, including dancers, because of their body's effortless movement during dancing. The best attraction for people to choose tracksuits over other casual wear is because of their style. Tracksuits styling has been the most significant selling point since their inception because they don't need hours of matching clothes to set a style.

With the new Kryjer Signature Tracksuit collection, you can workout in style without compromising comfort and fit. Check out our tracksuit colour options.

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